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Beyonce Surprises Walmart Shoppers With $37,000 In Gift Cards

Beyonce Knowles surprised fans all over the world this week with her surprise album, that even many of her friends didn’t know about. She continued her week of surprises by stopping into a Tewksbury Massachusetts late last night and giving away $50 gift cards to nearly all of the shoppers. Her tab at the end of the night amounted to roughly $37,000 in gifts to the fans and shoppers.

Beyonce Surprises Walmart Shoppers With $37,000 In Gift Cards

beyonceThis move made by Beyonce may just be a jab at Target, who decided that they were not going to carry her new album. Target was not happy that the album was available for sale online before it was available in stores. Walmart, on the other hand, was wise enough to see the potential success of her album and have done their part to sell at least some of the more than 600,000 albums that Beyonce has sold so far this week. It seems that her secret to success might just be her ability to keep a secret.

Beyonce’s self-titled album “Beyonce” has been a major hit on the album charts, and may end 2013 as one of the best selling new releases of the year. She has already hit the charts for record sales just days after the release, and there is still more than a full week left for this album to keep up its momentum.

Don’t go into your local Walmart hoping that Beyonce will be handing you giftcards in the electronics department. This appearance really brightened the holiday spirit for many people who were at that store that evening. For 720 lucky Walmart shoppers, they received more than just a monetary gift, they got an experience worth remembering.

Featured image is album cover art from Beyonces new self-titled release.

Beyonce Surprises Walmart Shoppers With $37,000 In Gift Cards.

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