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Message In A Bottle Finally Found 54 Years After It Was Sent

Message in a bottle from geologist Paul Walker written in 1959 found

  • Message in a bottle found amid a rock cairn

  • Message in a bottle asks for information on glacial movement

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle found!
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A literal message in a bottle from 1959 was found in the Canadian Arctic.  Two researchers stumbled upon this message in a bottle in a pile of rocks in the northern Canadian Arctic, 500 miles away from the nearest human settlement.

The message was from one Paul Walker, a well-known geologist who was on an expedition at the time he wrote the message in a bottle.  He was 25 at the time.

Reportedly, the expedition that Paul Walker was on was one to measure how far a glacier had moved or melted in the future.  Two cairns were built to aid in the process.  It was one of these cairns that Paul’s message in a bottle was found.

The note inside the message in a bottle read, “To whom it may concern, this and a similar cairn 21.3 feet to the west were set on July 10, 1959. The distance from this cairn to the glacier edge about four feet from the rock floor is 168.3 feet. Anyone venturing this way is requested to remeasure this distance.”  The message also included Paul Walker’s address and a request to be sent any information found.

Paul Walker never got a chance to read any response to his message in a bottle, as he reportedly suffered from a stroke and died at home a few months after the note had been written.

The researchers who found the message in a bottle did respond however.  They added a note of their own to the bottle and placed it back inside the cairn in hopes that it one day will be found again.  They also measured the distance between the two cairns to find that it had receded more than 200 feet since Paul Walker left his note.

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    Simply, Such foresight, yet was this coincidence or destiny?2

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