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Obama Takes 17 Day Hawaiian Holiday Vacation

The First Family is off to warmer weather in Hawaii, after leaving the winter weather behind in Washington DC. President Obama and his family plan to spend 17 days relaxing in Hawaii as part of their annual holiday vacation. The family will spend Christmas time unwinding and clearing their minds so that they can enter into 2014 with a refreshing outlook. There is much work to still be done during Obama’s second term as president, but sometimes a little play is required to balance life out.

Obama Takes 17 Day Hawaiian Holiday Vacation

Obama 17 Day Hawaii VacationThe president, claiming to be born in Hawaii, has vacationed there to the sunny islands many times since becoming President of the United States. This is the sixth time since 2008 that Obama has gone back to Oahu to spend time with his extended family on Christmas. This year he brings along his wife, two daughters, and his mother-in-law for the occasion.

Many have scrutinized the president for taking extravagant vacations, and for possibly vacationing too often. His lavishly expensive trip to Africa drew a lot of criticism for the hundreds of millions of dollars that it cost tax payers. Undoubtedly his trips to Hawaii are much more low-key and less costly, but to some it seems like an over-exercised privilege. As Obama winds out 2013 with sinking approval ratings, amid healthcare and spying controversies, he is hoping that next year will see a boost in his ratings. You probably won’t be seeing a boost in his approval ratings, unless we start to see a boost in his perceived job performance.

Whether you feel that the president deserves a vacation or not, it will still be important for him to take some of the pressing issues that his presidency faces off his mind.

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Obama Takes 17 Day Hawaiian Holiday Vacation.

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