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Al Qaida Offers Condolence Payments To Civilian Casualties

In early December, a group of operatives attacked a complex which housed military members that controlled US Drones in and around Yemen. The Defense Ministry in Sana’a, Yemen had been attacked and civilian as well as military targets were killed, including medics and other taboo targets. Al Qaida was not quick to claim responsibility for this attack, due to the fallout surrounding some of the helpless targets that were killed. Now, top Al Qaida officials are coming forth to not only claim responsibility for the attack, but to publicly apologize for the wrong doings of some misguided Al Qaida operatives.

Al Qaida Offers Condolence Payments To Civilian Casualties

Al Qaida Condolence PaymentsAl Qaida had intended to attack what they believed to be a US Drone control room, as well as some other key military targets within the Defense Ministry. They had also given what they thought were clear instructions to leave all of the people in the religious center and the hospital alone. One of their nine attackers did not heed the orders given, and attacked and killed civilians who were either in prayer, or working in the hospital.

To help stem off some of the public’s outrage against these civilian casualties, Al Qaida has offered to make condolence payments to families of the unintended civilian victims in hopes of mending some lost trust. There was video released of the attack on the complex, which riled up the public in Yemen and caused many to cry out for justice against the attacks. Footage of military-like combatants shooting women and unarmed civilians was aired on the news which rightfully led many to condemn the attack on the military complex.

Al Qaida has declared that they will continue to pursue attacking targets which they believe to facilitate US Drone strikes in the region. Groups like Al Qaida have come under attack in increasing frequency over the past few years as drone strikes have become a preferred method of taking out identified targets in foreign countries for the US.

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Al Qaida Offers Condolence Payments To Civilian Casualties.

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