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Doctors Support Ban On Raw Milk

Activists have recently placed pressure on the government to legalize the sale and distribution of raw milk, but the government remains steadfast in their ban of its sale and production. Currently, only pasteurized milk is legal for sale in the United States due to health code regulations which propose that many would get ill from potentially unsanitary raw milk. The term itself sounds so innocent and pure, yet doctors still maintain that the risk of illness from bacterial infection would outweigh any health benefits from consuming the more pure version of the product.

Doctors Support Ban On Raw Milk

Doctors Support Raw Milk BanPerhaps you have seen the meme online where some activists are trying to make the public aware that it is illegal to sell raw milk, collect rain water, and other seemingly natural behavior. These types of graphics have caused many to question why we aren’t allowed to do these things that we probably wouldn’t have been aware we couldn’t do otherwise. This has increased the amount of people supporting the freedom to sell raw milk, and in turn increased pressure on government agencies to consider legalizing it.

Doctors have cited that historically speaking raw milk was linked to many food born illnesses, and many people who drank raw milk eventually became ill due to bacterial infections. Even with strict guidelines for handling and treatment of raw milk, it still poses great risk to people who consume it. The elderly, children, and pregnant women are all especially at risk for contracting infectious bacteria from raw milk due to their fragile or weakened immune systems. Diseases that are commonly contracted from the bacteria in raw milk not only make people feel ill, but can often times be needlessly fatal. For this reason, raw milk will indefinitely remain illegal in the United States.

So it seems that if you want to drink raw milk, you had better go buy your own cow. While it is illegal to sell raw milk, it is not illegal to consume it. Unlike urban farmers who raise their own chickens to control the quality of the eggs they consume, putting a cow in most people’s back yards seems like a much more daunting task to accomplish, and is most likely illegal in most cities.

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Doctors Support Ban On Raw Milk.

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