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Teen’s Glasses Deflected Bullet In Drive-By Shooting

Teen’s Glasses Deflected Bullet In Drive-By Shooting

glasses deflected bullet

Alonza Bryant’s glasses deflected bullet

16 year-old Alonza Bryant from Seattle was saved from potentially fatal injuries because a bullet was deflected by the bridge of her glasses during a drive-by shooting Saturday night at approximately 9:40 pm.

Seattle police report several other people, including minors, were present inside the home at 54th Avenue South and South Roxbury Street at the time.   Bryant was relaxing on the living room couch.  An as yet unknown group of assailants, allegedly in a dark-colored sedan, drove by the home and fired several shots into it.

Several rounds pierced the walls of the domicile.  One shot broke through the front window and hit the bridge of the teen’s glasses, shattering them.  Bryant herself was not seriously harmed.  Others present dialed 911 while the sedan made a second run firing into the home.

Bryant, who appeared to be alert and was able to speak to the responding police officers, was taken to the hospital for treatment of what appears to have been only minor injuries. Investigating authorities presently suspect the girl’s home was the target but she was not the actual intended victim of the drive-by shooting.  Gang detectives are currently investigating the incident.

This remarkable story could have turned out way worse had this young girl’s glasses not potentially saved her life. It is not every day that people are so fortunate in these tragic circumstances.

Teen’s Glasses Deflected Bullet In Drive-By Shooting.

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