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Schumer Drills Down On Middle-Class Income Growth And Job Creation

Chuck Schumer from New York vows to focus his attention in 2014 on Middle-Class income growth and creating jobs. These key topics have been the heart of our economic downturn over the past years, and in turn will be critical for the revival and regrowth of the American economy. While many other congressmen seeking re-election in 2014 will be focusing on either attacking or supporting healthcare reform and other frontline topics from the news headlines, Schumer is hoping that his topics will hit home with the voting population.

Schumer Drills Down On Middle-Class Income Growth And Job Creation

Schumer is one of the congressmen who sees a restructuring of the current minimum wage as playing a vital role in recovering our US economy, and also in supporting lower and middle-class families in this country. Many middle-class families across the US are not made up of high-paid single income workers, but rather families where both the mother and father work at low to median income jobs and bring home a combined middle-class income. By boosting the pay rate for low to median workers, the cost of goods will increase but in theory the purchasing power of those economic classes will also grow enough to outweigh any offsets.

Democrats might face an uphill battle to improve the economic quality of those at the bottom of the pay scale, but those are also the very same people who have been turning out for the past few elections to appoint people into government office. The growth of the voting pool that contains young voters, minorities, and low-income families has increased dramatically since the 1990’s. More and more people have felt empowered to vote for what they see as their own betterment, and as a result there has been a little bit of a political shift in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Improving the wages and living conditions of the Americans nearest the bottom of the income charts should shift the financial burden off of the US Government and back onto employers and workers. This re-balancing of financial support would alleviate many overhead costs of the US Government in regards to housing subsidies, food stamps, medical coverage, and other entitlements currently paid out to those who struggle. By putting people back in the workforce and improving bottom line wages the percentage of people who qualify for government aid should return back to their pre-2000’s levels to help stabilize our economy. Those are the kinds of ideals that Schumer is hoping will help him get re-elected come next November.

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Schumer Drills Down On Middle-Class Income Growth And Job Creation.

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