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35 Year Old Manhattan Man And Toddler Fall To Deaths From High-Rise

NYPD are investigating the events that led up to a 35-year old man and a young toddler falling together to their deaths from a Manhattan high-rise. The two originally fell from the 52-story tall South Park Tower high-rise building, but landed separately on different buildings down below. Police have not yet received all of the details they will need to determine a motive behind this tragedy.

Manhattan Man And Toddler Fall To Deaths From High-Rise

35 year old man and toddler fall to deathsDespite being full of massive apartment buildings and other skyscrapers, New York City and the surrounding area do not often have people jumping from buildings. What seems to be a likely occurrence is actually rarer than most people might think. Earlier this year we had reported a story about another pair jumping from a high-rise in the city, but in that case the baby boy was fortunate enough to survive his fall.

Most likely this situation was a murder-suicide that ended horribly for both people. As police gain more clues about this story behind this situation, they will be able to develop a motive. There does not appear to be any foul play at this point, and the situation is most likely not an accident. The thought of the poor toddler’s fate has disturbed many residents in the Manhattan area. Taking someone’s own life is a choice, but to take the life of a defenseless young victim in any regard is disturbing to most people. Many prays go out to the families of the victims.

There were reports that police were investigating  a Lexus SUV in the area shortly after arriving on the scene. The identity of the man has yet to be released, pending further investigation.

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Manhattan Man And Toddler Fall To Deaths From High-Rise.

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