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I Heart Huckabee 2016 Presidential Candidate?

Mike Huckabee says that he is still unsure whether or not he will run for president in 2016, but there is still speculation that he will. The former governor of Arkansas is a Republican who could help rally support for the seemingly failing political party. He ran as a presidential candidate for the 2008 election, ultimately losing the party nomination to John McCain.

I Heart Huckabee 2016 Presidential Candidate?

Mike HuckabeeHuckabee has a special kind of understanding about how to bridge the gap between being conservative and understanding the general populus. This is a quality that could give him an edge over other hopeful Republicans come 2015 when the presidential races for 2016 start to take off. He may have a leg up on the competition by already seeing that there needs to be an awakening of the economic balance in America, as well as a strong program to help manage healthcare. While many of his party members are struggling to combat current healthcare reform and tax laws for businesses, there needs to be members like Huckabee who can straddle both sides of the fence.

Will the campaign slogan for Huckabee hark back to a cult-comedy called “I Heart Huckabee“, which would potentially be a social media success? Or will he draw on more traditional campaigning? Some may see some humor in the possibility, but there certainly needs to be more Republicans with the ability to connect to all generations of voters if the party plans to rally support in coming elections and hang onto their seats in the government. As the country is starting to sway towards electing Democratic leaders, it will be vital for Republicans in 2014 as well as 2016 to stay in touch with their working class and financially struggling voters who need a voice in government to help right this situation before it goes more off course.

Featured image from the official Mike Huckabee website.

I Heart Huckabee 2016 Presidential Candidate?

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  • GinaDee

    I’m sure he’s a decent man but his appeal appears guided towards those with a very hard right anti-progress crowd.

    Huckabee, when inside his conservative bubble is popular. Once he steps out of that bubble into the spotlight where people of color, other faiths and those who don’t associate being gay with “the devil,” will be made to explain his hard line anti-people / pro-God beliefs.

    If it was 1830 I’d probably vote for him. But since the new election takes place in 2016 I’m going to check out other options.

    • lazy wolf

      You seem to be saying a couple of things there: people of color don’t believe in God, and God is anti-people. Really? And don’t get me going about the gay thing, I’m thinkin’ that squeaky wheel is about to run out of grease. The problem with the vast majority of us (and we are) is that we are taught to turn the other cheek, so we’ve allowed the liberal left to guilt us, and tell us how we should feel, and think. While in our souls, we know better. We all question our faith at some point, and the left is always there to exploit that moment. We’ve got no cheeks left to turn.

  • Angusomy

    Snowball’s chance in hell

  • Walter_Peterson

    He won’t be king, but he could be a king maker.