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High School Robotics Team Builds A Prosthetic Hand For 4 Year Old Girl

Harmony Taylor receives a new prosthetic hand as an early Christmas present thanks to help from many community members

  • New prosthetic hand was created by West Catholic High School Robotics Team

  • New prosthetic hand is Robohand design

  • 3D printer and ASD plastic were used to create prosthetic hand

Harmony Taylor new prosthetic hand

Harmony Taylor and her new prosthetic hand
Image at West Catholic Robotics Team

Four year old Harmony Taylor received an early Christmas present this year.  Students from Grand Rapids West Catholic School’s Robotics Team decided to build her a new prosthetic hand as an early gift.

Harmony Taylor was born without a right hand, and had outgrown her first prosthetic hand.  Her family has been unable to afford a new prosthetic hand ringing in at $5,000 due to the fact that it is not covered by insurance.

Enter the amazing Robotics Team at West  Catholic High School.  With the aid of a 3D printer, it was decided that Harmony Taylor should have a new prosthetic hand in time for Christmas.

Harmony Taylor’s preschool teacher, Betty Krzyszton, is credited with the initial idea and aiding in pulling together a team that could successfully gift her with a new prosthetic hand.  It was Betty Krzyszton who began the initial internet search and learned about Robohand, the prosthetic hand that was created for Harmony Taylor.

Robohand is a 3D printed prosthetic hand that the site claims is functional, safe, and cost effective.  The Robohand  is designed for those “missing all or partial fingers and/or partial hand, your wrist needs to have equal to or greater than 300 (degree) wrist motion),” according to their site.  It provides gross grasp which means all fingers open and close together.

The new prosthetic hand took 6 weeks to complete after instructions from Robohand had been received.  The 3D printer was loaned by Bill McCarthy, a community member who has ties to West Catholic.  The plastic required for the new prosthetic hand was an ASB plastic provided by Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Center.

Harmony Taylor’s old prosthetic hand merely pinched.  She is excited to have the new prosthetic hand and wants to paint all ten of her fingernails, which she had not been able to do with the old prosthetic.


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