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Ice Storm in Toronto Causes Major Power Outage For Thousands

Ice storm in Toronto causes major power outage for thousands. The Toronto Hydro is scrambling to restore the power to the city of Toronto after the worst ice storm in recent history leaves thousands without power. Officials report that most homes will be left in the dark until after the weekend. The Toronto Hydro posted on Twitter, “Due to the severity of damage caused by falling tree limbs, restoration for some customers will continue into the weekend. #darko”

“Ice Storm in Toronto Causes Major Power Outage Thousands”

The ice storm has left more than 228,000 people cold and in the dark in Toronto. Spokesperson Vanessa Nero said, “We are dealing with a severe situation, many trees down causing grave concern with respect to restoring efforts. But we do have a number of crews … working around the clock as hard as possible to restore power.” According to weather reports between 10 and 30 millimeters of ice blanketed the city during the storm.

Image via CBC News Toronto

Image via CBC News Toronto

Warming centers powered by generators have been made available as a place for people to go and get warm. Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford said the major roadways are in good shape and crews are working around the clock to make the side roads safe to drive upon. Mayor Ford held off on declaring a state emergency, because high winds and freezing temperatures that were supposed to happen overnight never developed to make the conditions any worse.

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