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Teen Shot By Stepfather Sneaking Home Thought She Was a Burglar

Teen shot by stepfather sneaking home, thought she was a burglar. A teenage girl in Colorado was shot and killed by her stepfather, while sneaking home late. He thought she was a burglar trying to rob the home.

The 14-year-old teenage girl was sneaking back into her Colorado Springs home in the northeast part of the city around 6 a.m. before being shot by her stepfather. She was rushed to a local hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds, where she died. The police have not yet released the identity of the teen or stepfather, according to police spokesperson Larry Herbert.

(Photo: KUSA-TV)

(Photo: KUSA-TV) Colorado teen shot by stepfather 

The stepfather called 911 and reported that there was a burglary in progress. He did not tell authorities how many times he shot the teenage girl or tell them what type of gun was used in the mistaken identity shooting.

Police arrived on the scene and found the teen girl in the basement with gunshot wounds, according to KOAA-TV, reports from a police scanner indicate that the teen girl was sneaking into her house through the basement window. One of the neighbors told the local news station that they heard three loud bangs, she told the reporters it sounded like: “someone hitting on a car or a garage door or something like that.”

No one has been charged in the shooting, including the stepfather. Police and the district attorney are still investigating the situation.

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  • billdevoe

    Really sad, but we’re gun-happy people. What can I say?

    • Justin_Khase

      What’s sad is you can’t seem to speak for yourself. Even sadder that teenagers don’t stop to consider the possible consequences of their actions.