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Was eBay Biased With Zimmerman Artwork?

Making lemonade out of lemons is a good thing, but in the instance of ebay and the selling of a piece of George Zimmerman Artwork this weekend, this latest batch of lemonade may leave you with a sour taste.

Zimmerman bias

George Zimmerman profile photos Facebook page “George Zimmerman is Innocent”

Turning your tragedy into a fortune is nothing new. Writing a book, setting up a charity for your personal plight, and even becoming an advertising figure is almost morally accepted now days, if not half expected and the controversial murder case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman is no different, at least for George Zimmerman.

ebay photos Zimmerman

Photo:eBay George Zimmerman original art

He’s been involved with the police for carrying a weapon and domestic abuse accusations and after this weekend can add professional artist to his list of tricks, now that an oil painting by Zimmerman himself sold for $100,099.99 on ebay over the weekend. The undisclosed buyer of the 18 x24 inch painting will receive it hand delivered by Zimmerman, according to a post he left for the lucky art aficionado.

Coincidentally,  also over the weekend, ebay removed another artists work related to the controversial Zimmerman murder case. The timing may be ironic or intentional but leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the artist whose painting was taken down. According to statements by ebay, they took down the bidding on Michael D’Antuono’s painting because it depicted offensive imagery and by including the KKK it “glorifies hate and violence.”

Michael D’Antuono will still try to sell this piece of art privately and just as with the sale on ebay is committed to giving a portion (half) of the proceeds to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

A Tale of Two Hoodies

“A Tale of Two Hoodies”
Photo: Michael D’Antuono Facebook page

Michael D’Antuono’s self titled website on Art & Culture describe him as a “thinking man’s artist” and references his newest label of “most controversial artist” in the UK. D’Antuono has an advertising and illustration background and is no stranger to depicting controversial issues in politics. His oil painting called “The Truth” also caused a stir, which depicts President Obama with a reference to Jesus and his crucifixion.

The removed artwork from ebay is called “A Tale of Two Hoodies” and was made days after Trayvon Martin was killed. According to D’Antuono’s blog, he was inspired to “symbolize the travesty of racial profiling innocent children and the affect prejudice has on policy.”

Commentary on D’Antuono’s website thus far has been in support of ebay’s decision and policy and his Facebook page has 500 shares on the issue with at least 200 supporters. American Live Wire wants to know what you think? Was eBay biased with the Zimmerman artwork decision?

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