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Father Of AK-47 Assault Rifle Dies At 94

Chances are that you have heard of an AK-47, even if you aren’t into guns. The reason is that this assault rifle is probably one of the most widely used firearms in history. This rifle is arguably responsible for more deaths than any other gun. Armies and militants from all over the world have been seen for decades wielding this rifle in combat.

Father Of AK-47 Assault Rifle Dies At 94

Mikhail Kalashnikov Dies At 94Mikhail Kalashnikov may not be a household name in the United States, but many foreign countries sure lend a bit of their history to the way that his weapon changed the face of history. The ultra-cheap and extremely-reliable AK-47 quickly made a name for itself after the World War II era. The assault rifle had been designed in hopes of strengthening Russia’s might in the war, but was ultimately released just after the war’s end.

The rifle is Mikhail Kalashnikov’s legacy to the world. Even more than 60 years after its introduction, the rifle is still one of the most commonly used firearms in the world. The widespread misuse of the AK-47 has caused many to fear it, and even caused its creator to sometimes regret it. Presumably millions of people have died over the years at the hands of someone using an AK-47 and many of those people have been innocent civilians who fell victim to their government regimes, or terrorist groups.

While Kalashnikov is laid to rest as a hero of Russia, his life’s work will live on for generations. His invention will continue to see itself used for both keeping the peace, and causing chaos. This father of Russian pride will long be remembered by his countrymen, and his weapon will stand up to the test of time as it has done so easily in the past.

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Father Of AK-47 Assault Rifle Dies At 94.

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