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The Difficult Download Dilemma; Will Servers Be Able To Handle It?

There is no shortage of technology gifts on the market this year, from smartphones to tablets there’s likely one under every tree, but will the servers be able to handle the massive influx of app downloads on Christmas or are we doomed with a difficult download dilemma?

The Difficult Download Dilemma

There’s An App For That But I Can’t Download It!

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Now that Christmas is just hours away, gifts are wrapped and businesses (other than retail) have closed its relatively quiet in the cloud, at least until Christmas. At the end of 2012 1.2 billion people around the globe were using mobile applications, a number projected to grow 30% each year. Analysts from mobiThinking predict that by the year 2017 there will be 4.4 billion mobile app users. Most mobile users download mobile apps frequently, which is evident by the 56 billion to 82 billion downloaded apps in 2013.

The Apple store and Google Play are considered the largest sources of mobile application downloads, and there are about 70 more  lesser known stores like Canalys and the Windows Phone Store.

IOS App 3.1.1

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Since there is no way to test the full functionality of apps before your download, only 1 in 4 applications that are downloaded are actually kept on mobile devices and used. Subsequently since apps are often removed after download, statistics on specific app activity does not differentiate between apps that are downloaded and deleted versus apps that are used multiple times throughout the day by users.

Of the 1.2 billion mobile app users, Asia Pacific leads the geographic lead of this number at 30%, Europe is just under at 29% and North America app users account for 18% of the app market.

Now that Apple has been allowed to sell iPhones in China that doesn’t mean there were will an additional download surge on the Apple store server, since censorship in China is so strict, many apps are not available. Besides the governmental restrictions, many financial analysts believe that the Chinese market will not want to pay to play apps anyway and choose free “knock offs” over one that costs money.

In August of this year, users reported problems downloading music from iTunes and apps from the Apple store, which was responded to by Apple as “restored as of 10:54am PDT” on August 7th, 2013. In October this year Apple’s counterpart, Google Play as reported by andriodcentral expereinced thier own hiccup and  “Users everywhere” were having issues including 927 error messages downloading apps.

Let’s just hope that Android and Apple have prepared for this potential looming difficult download dilemma with mobile apps and get all “hands on deck” ready to handle the predicted large volume of downloads on December 25th, 2013.

If you do experience downloading problems, the best advice for both Apple and Android users is to follow the 4 R’s; Restart, Reset, Restore and Relax.

Hoping you all have a very Appy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Feature Image Credit:By Janto Dreijer, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


The Difficult Download  Dilemma; Will Servers Be Able To Handle It?


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