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Who Won the Next-Gen Console Wars This Holiday Season?

Both Sony and Microsoft released new consoles this year and Nintendo’s Wii U saw a surge in sales for the month of November. But who won the console wars this holiday season?

At the moment, it appears as though that the Sony PS4 is winning out, at least for now. The console hit the million console mark on its launch day and passed the 2 million mark ahead of the Xbox One.

The Xbox One did manage to sell a million consoles at launch as well, but has slowed since. These lower sales may be attributed to the reported problems the systems were having after the launch as well as the bad press that was received upon Microsoft’s initial announcement.

It has been reported that Sony has outsold Microsoft 2 to 1 on Ebay, but these sales figures are hard to nail down with any degree of certainty.

Nintendo’s Wii U has been called into question by many, wondering if the console can truly compete in the next-gen marketplace. Though it’s sales can’t match that of the Xbox One and the PS4, it is worth noting that those consoles both launched recently while the Wii U has been out for more than a year.

Forbes reported that the Wii U saw a huge increase in sales for the month of November, selling 220 thousand units in the U.S. alone, a 340% increase from October. This increase was likely thanks to the release of the critically acclaimed Super Mario 3D Land.

The Wii U has sold more than 4 million consoles to date and is likely to see strong numbers continue with a hard hitting lineup of games coming in 2014 which includes the new Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

These numbers are all difficult to compare to one another because they are relative. But it does appear the Sony has the edge for the time being.

Be sure to watch the in depth look at all three of the next-gen consoles below.

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