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Elemental Kingdoms game is live on Android

The up and coming strategic battle game is now available on Android

New players receive freebies

game live on android

Milk Cookies Feast card

To celebrate the release of the Elemental Kingdoms game on android, Perfect World Entertainment is giving away a free gift of “300 Gems plus a Milk and Cookies Feast card” to all new gamers joining the game before December 30th.  The freebies, valued at over 10 dollars,” will be (electronically) delivered on December 30.”  New players need only use the e-mailed special invitation code (such as 19FJ38).

The company promises “tons of special holiday events going on” as well as special theme cards to collect.  But for those not up on gaming, Elemental Kingdom is a popular free-to-play trading card game that focuses on strategic battle.   In this online game players assemble their own decks from over 200 cards and runes to battle other gamers.

Said to be reminiscent of the Magic the Gathering game, players have reported the app to be addictive even for those who have never played similar games.   It offers 250 different challenges and more than 80 levels that include enchanted monsters and the antagonistic Scarlet Nation.  As members of The Northern Alliance players have access to numerous features including four kingdoms, health boosts, attack tributes, special ability cards, ranked matches, battle replays, “constant updates” and daily log-in awards such as free gold and “super rare” cards.

While some critics have pointed out occasional problems getting past the player profiles, the company has posted a disclaimer.  They remind players: “This is a Beta build so small crashes or bugs might still occur during your time in the game. If there are any major issues please email eksupport@perfectworld.com with the subject ‘EK Android’.”

The creators add: “We are constantly improving the game and want to create the best user experience possible.”  Online gamers interested in learning more about this new game app for Android can even visit their Facebook page for up to date information on events and rewards.

game live on android

Elemental Kingdoms

(Images courtesy of Elemental Kingdoms and CapsuleComputers)

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