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New Free to Play Star Wars Game ‘Star Wars: Attack Squadrons’ Coming Soon

Disney has announced that a brand new online Star Wars game will be coming soon and will be free to play for up to 16 players. The game, which is titled Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, will be a space combat game with some of the most popular ships from the franchise.

“The new title is a free-to-play, open web, space combat game offering an intense multiplayer battle experience where players can customize and tune popular Star Wars ships, including the Rebel Alliance’s X-wing fighter or the Empire’s TIE Interceptor,” read the games description via StarWars.com

The announcement was made on December 16th via the official Star Wars website. The game is set to be released next year.

The new Star Wars game will be beta tested in the early 2014 and is now accepting sign ups for a chance to participate in the tests. Fans can sign up here.

The long standing and very popular online Star Wars game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, recently added a space combat feature as well, though it is set long before the original trilogy and does not have the iconic ships that will be feature in Attack Squadrons.

The game is being handled by a new developer, Area 52, and some have questions about whether or not they can deliver a quality game.

Be sure to watch the trailer for the Star Wars: Attack Squadrons below.

YouTube video courtesy of Star Wars: Attack Squadrons

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