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1.3 Million Americans Lose Unemployment Benefits Tomorrow

Critical aid passed a few years ago as a stop-gap measure to help families without jobs comes to an end today. Starting tomorrow, there will be and estimated 1.3 million people across the United States who are getting dropped from their long-term unemployment benefits. The alarming number of people set to lose their benefits are partially a sign of a continued lack of employment across the country.

1.3 Million Americans Lose Unemployment Benefits Tomorrow

Millions lose unemployment benefits tomorrowSome people have been looking for employment for years, others have had to resort to finding lower paying jobs, and yet others stopped looking for work all together. For those that have been trying to find work, the US government had been allowing unemployment benefits to be paid for longer periods of time than what was normally allowed. This was done to help a failing economy and a collapsing housing market. By keeping more people and more families on benefits, the government was able to cut off some of the rampant loan defaults that were occurring.

As part of the US government’s plan to bring the budget back to a balance, there are many government benefits and programs that will continue to get the ax. Benefits have not been the only programs to get cut however, tax cuts have already been eliminated in recent years too. Many affected families may also remember that a few short months ago Food Stamps were also cut back a little bit when a government extension came to an end.

Families should start to plan for more cut backs as time goes on. There are some more bills floating out there providing assistance to needy families that may not be renewed in coming years. When we have a government that overspends, and a population that is overly reliant on aid it must all come to an end at some point.

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1.3 Million Americans Lose Unemployment Benefits Tomorrow.



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