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What is the Pages app?

What is the Pages app?

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The Pages app is a “productivity” app developed by the folks at Apple Inc.  It is a generally complete group of word processing functions and page layout features.  The current version, 2.0.1, is priced at $9.99 and requires 266 MB of space.  Critics are quick, however, to note that while it has many different features the users don’t feel as if they are trying to create something large on something way too small.


SmartZoom is also available for graphics

Perhaps this is due in part to one of the noteworthy functions—Smart Zoom.  Smart Zoom enlarges the text that is being edited while the user is working on it.  When the edit is complete SmartZoom then zooms out in order to allow the user to see the entire document.

Rated for users over the age of 4, the app was specifically designed to be universally used with the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad.  Critics praise the app for its ability to change font size and style directly from the ruler when one is editing text.   While some reviewers note that the new document manager makes it easy to sort documents and organize them into individual folders, other experts feel that moving documents with this app remains too difficult to make this feature worthwhile and there truly is no support for file syncing.

The app is currently only available in 16 different languages including English, French, Chinese, Danish, German, Finnish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese and Spanish.  Most users agree, however, that at least some of the shortcomings of this app will be addressed in future updates.

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