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22 Year Old Rapper Doe B. Shot Dead At Club

Last night at around 1:30am the police in Montgomery Alabama responded to calls of shots fired at the Centennial Hill Bar and Grill, a music venue. Shots broke out at the nightclub venue and 8 people were shot. 22 year old rapper Doe B, aka Glenn Thomas, was shot and killed along with some of his friends and fans. He was pronounced dead at a local area hospital where he was rushed for treatment. Another innocent victim, Kim Johnson had just turned 21 earlier this week but was killed immediately after being shot in the head.

22 Year Old Rapper Doe B. Shot Dead At Club

Rapper Doe B Shot And KilledDoe B had been an associate of the Hustle Gang, a group whose ranks also include another rapper known as T.I. He was an up and coming artist with a lot ahead of him. Unfortunately some other people in the rap and hip hop scene take lyrics and actions seriously, and violence has been known to break out. At the same location as the Centennial Hill Bar and Grill, 6 people were shot only 1 year ago in December 2012. It seems that the venue and the area are particularly prone to senseless violence.

Other musical artists close to Doe B had spoken out to their fans, as well has Doe B’s on Twitter. Those condolences came from the likes of T.I. and other rappers. The main message was one of remembrance and also of sorrow. Many took to twitter to express their outrage at the needless violence, remembering Doe B as a genuinely nice young man. Friends and Family of Kim Johnson also flooded Twitter accounts with words about the 21 year old lady. Violence like this that is uncalled for can damage a community, and an industry.

Police in Montgomery have not announced any clues about who they feel is responsible for the shooting at this point. There have been no arrests made or announced. If you have any further details about who is responsible for this shooting you are urged to please contact the Montgomery Alabama Police Department.

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22 Year Old Rapper Doe B. Shot Dead At Club.

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