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Bill Clinton Swearing In NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio

As the controversial mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg nears the end of his term, his successor can hardly wait to be elected the 109th Mayor of New York City. Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio will be sworn into office by none other than former US President Bill Clinton. This coming Wednesday at noon will mark the roughly one-hour ceremony at New York City Hall.

Bill Clinton Swearing In NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio

Bill De BlasioMayor-elect Bill De Blasio has a close connection to President Bill Clinton, as he served under him in the HUD program back in the 1990’s. De Blasio had also helped with Hillary Clinton’s successful run for Senator in New York back in 2000. To help further mark the occasion and make it special for the new Mayor, President Clinton is planning to use a Bible previously owned by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The ceremony, which will take place on the large steps outside of the City Hall will be an event to remember for De Blasio and his staff.

Some may be wondering if the city’s ban on salt, large soft drinks, and other ludicrous laws will be repealed by the new mayor sometime after he takes office. Bloomberg’s crazed politics during his three terms left many with a bad taste in their mouth for the way their city was being run. De Blasio has not really addressed those issues, and has instead focused on other matters within the city moving forward. He wants to help bridge the gap between the working poor and the working elite in the city, making matters more balanced for those who live in the city. His message struck well with many voters, and he won by a large margin against his Republican opponent.

Featured image from the official Bill De Blasio Website.

Bill Clinton Swearing In NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio.

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