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Hawaii Wants Obama Presidential Library But Chicago May Overshadow

Hawaii appears to be showing a lot of interest in being the host of the Obama Presidential Library, since they are the president’s home state. Talk has already begun about where to build the presidential library, and there appears to be some competition for it. Illinois is another good candidate for the library, as Obama was a senator in Chicago prior to him running for president. Due to the popularity of Chicago, many Hawaiian law makers fear that they will lose out on the opportunity to host the library.

Hawaii Wants Obama Presidential Library But Chicago May Overshadow

Hawaii Wants Obama Presidential LibraryHawaiian officials have started to feel the bid for the library slip away from them, so they have begun to more strongly lobby Obama and his team to consider the Aloha State. The cost to build the library in Hawaii may end up being more costly, but those in his home state feel that it is the more appropriate place to build it. Hawaii has decided that they should begin to set aside some prime real estate just in case the library does ultimately get built there. There is rumor that they may be setting aside oceanfront land on the island of Oahu.

Although President Obama spent many years in Chicago as a law maker himself, he still considers the state of Hawaii to be his home. It is the state where he spends his Christmas Holiday with his family, and where he spent his childhood. Obama has referred to Hawaii as his home many times, and has talked openly about how growing up on the islands made him a different person. All of this is not enough to ease the fears that Chicago may still win out, as that is the place where Michelle Obama is from, as well as many of Obama’s past and present cabinet members.

The Barack Obama Presidential Library is set to be opened in 2016, even though a location has not been decided on. The Library, like other presidential libraries, will be more than just a collection of books. The library will also house the upcoming museum which will help preserve the legacy of his presidency for suture generations.

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Hawaii Wants Obama Presidential Library But Chicago May Overshadow.

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  • edad

    Obama really does not deserve a library in his name,as he will always be the singe worst president America has ever had. But if liberals have to build one by all means build it in Chicago. LOL

  • 7113

    Maybe Kenya would be better suited. There he is a King?.

    • Burt Furt

      Damn, Beat me to it!

  • edad

    Now the BSA will allow open gays, great way to spread the immoral teachings of the gay community, perverting our youth.

  • Jakob Stagg

    Indonesia would be a candidate also.


    I would visit a presidential library in Hawaii… Chicago? Not so much.

  • Olpe Murphy

    Just don’t bring the fucking thing to my state.

    Put it in Key West, or San Franfaggo