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Manhunt For Tupelo Bank Robber Goes Nationwide

Two days before Christmas the BancorpSouth Bank in Tupelo Mississippi came under attack by gun-toting robbers. When police arrived at the scene to apprehend the bank robbers they met their match. A gunfight broke out between the robbers and police, and that it when two officers were shot in the line of duty. One of those Tupelo Police officers, Gale Stauffer, was fatally wounded while his partner Joseph Maher survived but was critically wounded.

Manhunt For Tupelo Bank Robber Goes Nationwide

Tupelo Bank SuspectNot much information has been obtained yet about the bank robbers, but police and the FBI have some clues that they are working off of. Footage from security cameras at the bank, as well as a nearby convenience store give them some details about who they are looking for. Police believe that the suspect is a 5 foot 9 to 6 foot tall African-American male with a lighter skin tone.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety released the image shown here on the upper left, which shows a clearer shot of the face. The person in this picture is described as a “person of interest” by the MDPS and FBI. They are not clearly saying that this is the person who is responsible, but they feel that this person may be connected to the crime or know vital information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects.

The suspected bank robber may be linked to other bank robberies in other states. This has caused the FBI to widen their search for the suspect to include states outside of Mississippi. As further evidence is being gathered, authorities are still looking for tips related to this person’s identity. If you may know any details about who this person in the picture may be, or who may be responsible for the robbery please contact either the Tupelo Police Department, Mississippi Department of Public Safety, or the FBI with information.

Featured image from Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

Manhunt For Tupelo Bank Robber Goes Nationwide.

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