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Rdio Pulls The Plug On Vdio, Netflix Reign Untested

If you were one of the beta testers for Rdio‘s video service called Vdio, then you are probably disappointed now that they have pulled the plug. The unofficial video streaming service had yet to even see the light of day outside of the beta testing audience, but already there were many who had high hopes that it would be a success. While Netflix continues to rule the streaming video market, there have been more than a few attempts to compete with it. Almost all who have tried to tackle the red giant so far have come up broke or empty handed.

Rdio Pulls The Plug On Vdio, Netflix Reign Untested

Rdio Pulls Plug On VdioThe Vdio service went down, almost without warning as users were enjoying the service. Vdio sent out emails to apologize to the beta testers to let them know that the company was not satisfied with the overall experience. Rdio had hoped that it was going to provide a service quality that was above and beyond what people were already receiving from Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. Sadly, Rdio apparently felt that their service was nothing more than just another video service. With that kind of mediocrity, it may not have been wise for a successful company to launch a product into oblivion.

Many beta users described the on-demand video platform as a type of iTunes service where they could purchase and watch individual episodes of TV shows, or movies to watch. That was currently how the company was paying for the content of the streaming service. After launching outside of the Beta phase, the project was hoping to have enough interest to purchase a media library full of ready-to-watch content like you would find on Netflix. Despite having gotten far along in the testing phase and getting many people’s hopes up, you can kiss Vdio goodbye. Rdio killed the Vdio star, or something like that.

Rdio Pulls The Plug On Vdio, Netflix Reign Untested.

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