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Gay Boy Scouts Joining BSA On January 1st

After voting to allow gays into the Boy Scouts, that will become a reality starting on January 1, 2104. The Boy Scouts of America previously had a strict anti-gay policy which had drawn some criticism over the past years. As states begin to allow same-sex marriage, and the military making changes to it’s policies as well it is probably only a matter of time before more organizations become more tolerant of homosexuality.

Gay Boy Scouts Joining BSA On January 1st

Gays Join Boy Scouts January 1stMany have wondered how allowing gays into the Boy Scouts would effect the children, but those in charge of the organization feel that the change will ultimately be more non-eventful than anything. Most of the children in the program already attend school with the same gay children that will be joining the scouts, so some fears of intermingling will really go unwarranted. The leaders do not feel that there will need to be a segregation during camping or even personal hygiene.

All in all, the Boy Scouts of America plan to continue their long traditions without much change. Despite what some might consider to be controversial, there have not been too many issues brought up about it. Even the church organizations who strongly support the Boy Scouts have continued to support the organization, despite their own personal beliefs that contradict homosexuality. The reality of this issue is that the Boy Scouts never has and never will be an organization based upon preaching any type of sexuality. The subject matter has little to no place within the discussions and assignments of the young boys in the first place. The organization is about supporting the community, and bringing up good citizens with morals and ethics that surpass that of the common people.

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Gay Boy Scouts Joining BSA On January 1st.

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  • Jimmie1151

    Still has a stinky dig exception for parades, just can’t resist some specious denial of free expression for gay kids, but a good step in the right direction.

  • stoli5

    At least they don’t allow gay scout leaders, but they will someday. Gay men would love being around all that fresh meat.