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1.1 Million Have Finally Signed Up For Obamacare

With over 1 million new users reportedly expected to sign up for Health Insurance this month, the total number of newly enrolled has turned to approximately 1.1 million. Government officials expect that there will be a surge in enrollments after January 1st, just after the original enrollment deadline. Many had expected more people to have signed up by now, but there have been well known technical issues preventing people from navigating the healthcare website until recently.

1.1 Million Have Finally Signed Up For Obamacare

1.1 Million Sign Up For ObamacareThe Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is supposed to allow any people who were previously denied insurance coverage to finally gain acceptance. Starting January 1, 2014 insurance companies will no longer be able to deny people coverage if they are already sick, and they are not allowed to charge higher rates to people with pre-existing conditions. This new legislature has caused some controversial hikes in insurance premiums for some people, but the ability for all to ultimately be insured might be worth the added cost to some.

Many people in the United States were looking forward to the roll out of the new healthcare enrollment website, but were immediately turned off by the lousy performance and lack of ability to accomplish anything on the site. People sat online for hours waiting for their turn to navigate through the enrollment pages. After spending hours on the computer, many had expected to be enrolled in new health insurance, and many just simply got messages that they would be receiving letters in the mail later on.

There is still a bit of work to be done before the healthcare enrollment figures meet up with the administration’s expectations. The government’s goal is to have 7 million new people enrolled in health coverage before March 31, 2014 (The original 6-month deadline from launch). If enrollment maintains its current pace however, those numbers will barely exceed half of the initial expectations.

1.1 Million Have Finally Signed Up For Obamacare.

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