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2 Earthquakes Shake Up The Night In Oklahoma

Folks in the central part of Oklahoma were shaken from their sleep in the early morning as the state was hit with 2 mild earthquakes. The two earthquakes originated in two different locations across the state, with one being a mild 2.5 magnitude and the first being a 4.1 magnitude. Folks in the areas near the epicenter might have felt their beds a-rockin’, but that was just mother nature knockin’.

2 Earthquakes Shake Up The Night In Oklahoma

2 Small Earthquakes Shake Up The Night In OklahomaIt seems that everyone was OK in the Oklahoma state after the little shake-ups, and little to no damage was reported. Like most events that take place in Oklahoma, these earthquakes were practically in the middle of nowhere. If you were woken up around 2:15am to the feeling of the first earthquake, you might have felt it strong enough to wake you up. The second and more timid of the two earthquakes truck around 5:30am. Neither of the earthquakes lasted for very long, which is probably why they caused almost no reported damage.

Oklahoma is a region that is particularly prone to earthquakes, and there has even been recent talk that the state may be due for a large event in coming years. The state recently announced that they are mostly unprepared for disaster if a major quake were to strike a populated area. As the state continues to experience minor tremors throughout the year, there are some citizens who wonder if this is leading up to something more catastrophic. The state is generally more worried about tornadoes and floods than earthquakes, but recent events are pointing towards weaknesses in the state’s ability to provide relief in dire circumstances. Though the recent earthquakes have not quite neared the mark of a 6.5 magnitude, where they state would deem it to be a disasterous level, it is most likely inevitable that one will some day occur.

Featured image from Oklahoma Geological Survey.

2 Earthquakes Shake Up The Night In Oklahoma.

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