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Saudis Grant Lebanon $3 Billion As Rockets Are Fired Into Israel

Saudi Arabia has announced that it will be granting $3 Billion in aid to the Lebanese Army. This news comes right as reports of rockets attacks from Lebanon land within Israel’s borders. Despite concerns that the money may be used to further the attacks against Israel, Lebanese President Michel Sleiman announced that this $3 Billion grant will be used to allow the Lebanese Army to fight terrorism within their own country.

Saudis Grant Lebanon $3 Billion As Rockets Are Fired Into Israel

Saudis Grant 3 Billion To Lebanon As Rockets Attack Israel BorderLebanon still remains the stronghold for Hezbollah forces who threaten the region with violence. Hezbollah has taken part in the ongoing Syrian conflict, and has masterminded attacks on Israeli soil in the recent past. This record amount of foreign aid to the Lebanese Army is said to be going mostly towards the purchase of surplus arms and military equipment from France.

The relative safety of those in Lebanon is still in turmoil. A car bomb earlier killed a beloved Muslim leader, Mohamad Chatah while he was on his way to a meeting. Some have pointed fingers at Hezbollah for carrying out the car bombing, and trying to make a martyr out of Chatah to fuel religious tensions in the area. Hezbollah remains vigilant that they had nothing to do with the attack, and are not claiming responsibility. Terrorism like this is what the Lebanese Army hope to combat with a more effective presence in their cities and on their borders.

Hezbollah, however may be responsible for today’s rocket attacks that landed on the Lebanese/Israeli border. Lebanese Army personnel were conducting an investigation at the launch site to help determine which party was responsible for the needless attacks. Actions like these are routinely used to taunt Israel, or to provoke a military reaction from them. Isreali President Benjamin Netanyahu had placed blame on Lebanese officials for being unable to control violence and terrorism within their borders.

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Saudis Grant Lebanon $3 Billion As Rockets Are Fired Into Israel.

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