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Google Chromecast Has Competition, Meet The AIRTAME

Just as the Google Chromecast was catching on and considered the “go-to gadget gift” this year, already the competition has one-upped the versatile device, meet the AIRTAME.

Who Is The Google Chromecast Competition? AIRTAME, “A wireless HDMI dongle for everyone”

chromecast alternates

Photo courtesy indegogo, AIRTAME

This wireless HDMI USB plug and play device looks like a hybrid between a car key and the chromecast after undergoing a redesign based on consumer feedback. It may seem like the AIRTAME is just riding the streaming trend of the Google Chromecast or Apple TV, but by comparison the AIRTAME will offer more options of how to use the device and provide tighter security with hardware encoding not found (yet) in the Google Chromecast.

AIRTAME is not for sale just yet, but you can pre-order the handy mobile device for $89, more than the $35 chromecast, but by comparison, you get more. The additional features of AIRTAME include the ability to duplicate your screen on multiple desktops, you can also extend your desktop (without additional cabling) and share whatever you like, PC to PC.

Performance and versatility is the focus of the AIRTAME who notes that their proprietary software is able to use different encoding settings for different purposes. For example if you are using the device for gaming, the focus will be on optimization of frame rate and response time, for watching videos, AIRTAME increase the buffering to match the frame rate to give the best video quality possible via WiFi stream. Right now only 2 channel audio is supported on this device, but surround sound is a “stretch goal” for AIRTAME.

Entertainment vs. Productivity

AIRTAME’s greatest advantages are productivity and work related, while chromecast has been focused on the entertainment value for its users. The AIRTAME device was developed out of Copenhagen Denmark and has raised over $360,000 with still 20 days of funding left on the crowdfunding site indegogo.

AIRTAME has also just added features to its USB dongle that allow you to add USB speakers, and wireless devices such as a keyboard and mouse. AIRTAME will be featured at the upcoming Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show that takes place January 7th through the 10th, 2014.

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  • Larry Garfield

    Just one problem. According to AirTame’s Indigogo campaign, it is *not* a replacement for the Chromecast because Google won’t let them have the necessary access on the mobile OS. So the one thing Chromecast does really well — using your phone as a remote for Netflix, YouTube, etc. — is the one thing AirTame can’t do.

    It’s still promising, and I have backed their campaign and ordered one. But it’s misleading to call it a Chromecast replacement when it isn’t.

  • Jillxz

    I have a question. I want to order the Chromecast , but do not want to use my phone as a remote. Can I still use it without my phone? And if I can , then how ? I am not a tech person at all.

    • treborch

      Your phone isn’t a remote in the traditional sense…it just directs the media to the TV. You can use it with a phone, a tablet or a computer (I have it set up on all 3). You just need to down load the Chromecast App (phone & tablet) or Chrome browser with the Chromecast extension (computer). It’s super easy and the set up is practically automatic. Unfortunately, if you haven’t any of these, you probably wouldn’t want one. (and if you don’t have any of those I think you need other things before you get a Chromecast anyway). Seriously though. It’s a great product. I have 2 and my Roku is now a paper weight.

      • Jillxz

        Thank you. I have a smartphone and computers . I also have Chrome browser , so I have all I need.I guess. The only thing i don’t have is the ‘know how” to do it. I would rather do it on my computer than on a phone or tablet.

        • Dedren

          If you can use a computer, you have far more know how than the Chromecast needs. Basically to use it, you connect it to your Wifi (using phone, tablet, or PC) then you just tap the button in a supported app and the Chromecast starts streaming it directly from the internet (not your device) this means as soon as you send it to the TV you can use your device for anything else or turn it off completely.

          • Jillxz

            My computer is in a bedroom that I use for a study and the TV is in the living room. I do have wifi on the computer. Will Chromecast still detect my wireless like this ?

          • Dedren

            If they are both on the same wifi network then yes. For example, I mess with my wife sometimes and switch what she is watching while I am outside the house, in range of the wifi.

          • Jillxz

            Only the computer has wifi. The TV has no internet connections

          • Dedren

            the Chromecast gives your TV wifi connection as long as it is in range of your WifiIWifi

          • Jillxz

            Thank you so much for your help. Yes it is in rage. You have been so helpful. I will go ahead and order the Chromecast.. But one other question. Will I need to download the Chromecast app if I am not going to use my phone ?