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Mesh Tongue Patch Weight Loss: Dr. Chugay Can Help

New Years resolutions.  How far would you go for weight loss?  A mesh tongue patch to make eating painful?  Would you use mesh tongue patch weight loss for 2014?  Dr. Chugay can help.

It’s that time of year again.  New Year’s resolutions.  What will yours be?  Do you think you will be able to keep it this year?  Many people resolve to lose weight in the new year.  Some have tried countless times to lose weight. with no luck.  They try diet after diet and have such a hard time finding the right solution for them.

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Mesh Tongue Patch Weight Loss: Dr. Chugay Can Help

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Well there’s a new fad coming for 2014!  Would we expect any less?  Recently, Dr. Chugay has come up with a mesh tongue patch for weight loss.  He was even featured on ABC New’s Nightline with his method.  For $2000 he will sew a mesh tongue patch onto your tongue to make eating painful.  While the patch is on the tongue, the diet is purely liquid.  Once the patch is removed, he works with patients to improve their diets and maintain their weight loss.  The procedure has become a hit in countries such as Venezuela, where it hit the market last year.

How far would you go?  Could you go to this extreme just to lose weight?

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