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Top Five Health And Fitness Trends For 2014

Are you one of the many people who made a New Year’s resolution to up the ante on your health and fitness regime? But are you also one of those people who’s best intentions go awry, and tire of the gym a week after signing up for that New Years membership? For a renewed sense of motivation, why not take a look at what experts believe are set to become some of the biggest health and fitness trends for 2014.

Indo Yoga Board

Indo Yoga: Stand-Up Paddle-boarding may have dominated fitness trends in 2013, but thanks to Hunter Joslin and the Indo Yoga Board you don’t have to get wet to enjoy the same kind of workout. How: A 6-foot-long board mounted on four rockers provides the same instability as SUP Yoga. Why: Stability training builds strength throughout the body while helping to prevent injury, and requires you to engage your muscles even more than traditional yoga. Concentrating on your form throughout each exercise helps you become stronger by using your body’s current state of resistance.

Eating Clean. Forget fad diets, juice cleanses and fasting. What: While there’s no hard and fast definition, clean eating is a simple concept: Nothing is off limits and it’s not about counting calories. How: Eating clean is easy – just focus on wholesome, unprocessed food, and avoid anything processed, or packed with added ingredients that compromise health.
Why: Because super skinny is out, and healthy muscle tone muscle tone is in.

Functional Fitness. Hone your body for everyday tasks by training muscles to work together instead of isolating them. What: Think Cross Fit meets aerobics. Functional fitness means you use strength training to improve balance, coordination, force, power and endurance to replicate actual activities you do as a function of your daily living. How: By using body weight, resistance bands, sandbags, medicine balls and other equipment to create a modified workout depending on your training level.

FlyWheel Indoor Cycling

FlyWheel: Cycling fashion and technology make 2014 the year of the bike. What: Indoor cycling experience uses a combination of weights, energizing playlists and encouraging instructors. How: From the intense cardio workout, to the dimly lit room Flywheel cycling classes challenge you to transform your body and have fun in the process. Why: Provides a kick to the mundane, and a refreshing change from the standard Spin Class.

Endurance Racing: Obstacle races are among the hottest trends in fitness. What: Think ‘Tough Mudder’ meets duathlon. A 10- to 12-mile challenge populated with military-style obstacles, many involve being drenched in cold, and probably muddy water. WhyThemed & extreme endurance races are designed to not only test your endurance, but mentally challenge you as well. Plus its a great change of pace from the normal 10K, and after the glow of self accomplishment has worn off you might just be left with an insatiable appetite for more punishment.

Real Food

Aerial fitness: Being suspended from their air is fun way to stay fit too, with aerial fitness classes looking set to be a huge trend for 2014.
What: Think Las Vegas and acrobatic Cirque du Soleil performances. How: Practitioners use silk hammocks to to improve blood flow and stretch their spine. Why: Enclosing themselves into a silk cocoon, practitioners reportedly achieve a meditative state and find it easier to focus their mind, body and spirit.


Images Courtesy of IndoBoard, FlyWheel & Walnut Creek

Top Five Health And Fitness Trends For 2014

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