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What did Phil Robertson say now? ‘Duck Dynasty’ daddy says you can blow a duck’s head “smooth off”

What did Phil Robertson say now? 

‘Duck Dynasty’ daddy says you can blow a duck’s head “smooth off”

What did Phil Robertson say now?

What did Phil Robertson say now?

What did Phil Robertson say now?  “Duck Dynasty” dad Phil Robertson says you can blow a duck’s “head smooth off” with the new line of “Duck Dynasty” firearms.  As you might have guessed by now, the recent controversial comments about homosexuals, African-Americans and teenage wives made by “Duck Dynasty” daddy Phil Robertson have really not kept the coins from flowing.

On the contrary, if anything “Duck Dynasty” merchandise is multiplying faster than a hillbilly couple with no cable TV.  Mossberg, a well-known manufacturer of firearms, in conjunction with the Duck Commander, owned by the Robertson family, have put out a complete line of weapons including nine shotguns, two semi-automatic rifles and a pistol.  As this goes to press, the firearms are already available for purchase at your friendly neighborhood gun shop or sporting goods store.

According to the manufacturers, the shotguns are available in a camouflage design.  The pistol has a more military look.  Rifles are designed to handle about 25 rounds.  All the firearms will also bear the well-known Duck Commander logo of a duck in flight.

While Johnny-come-lately journalists questions whether the recent politically incorrect remarks made by Robertson will dissuade gun buyers from purchasing this line of weapons, those who have been covering the story since day one believe if anything the controversy could boost sales.

After all, while Cracker Barrel restaurant chain who stocks Duck Commander merchandise in its restaurant’s gift shops did pull the products off the shelves they quickly put it all back up mere days later and even apologized.  A&E, of course, was also quick to do an about-face reinstating Robertson after only a brief suspension from the reality TV show.

So now Robertson and sons are appearing in four videos promoting their firearms.  In one short he states: “Do you know what makes me happy ladies and gentlemen? To blow a mallard drake’s head smooth off.”  While it might seem silly to think that anyone in PETA would actually be monitoring the internet and airwaves to learn the answer to the question: “What did Phil Robertson say now?”, this reporter would not be all that surprised.

What did Phil Robertson say now?

What did Phil Robertson say now? “How about “Buy our guns”?

While some were initially shocked by Robertson’s blunt responses to GQ magazine’s questions, they also sparked a serious debate about the virtues of freedom of speech.  No matter what anyone’s personal opinion may be, one thing is certain, this new line of “Duck Dynasty” firearms will only continue the controversy.

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  • Dmgdriver

    These people have made a fortune making duck hunting equipment. They make what is commonly known as duck calls.Were people fooled into believing these calls were used for conversing with ducks???

    • Will Phoenix

      Hi Dmg!
      Yes, they make duck calls! Yes, perhaps the people who first made a big deal of his longer quote thought the duck calls were made to have duck parades around the local pond in the park as my youngest son and I used to do with generic Ritz crackers. Hilarious! Oh but you’d better be ready to defend ME now as feeding ducks the occasional treat is supposed to somehow be bad for them, I guess we will have to remind whoever objects that a cracker in a duck belly is better than a duck getting his head blown “smooth off”. Thanks again for reading my stuff and for your comment!