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Why choose a PC over a Mac?

Why choose a PC over a Mac?

What are the benefits of working on a Personal Computer?

why choose a pc over a mac

Why choose a PC over a Mac?

There are countless benefits to working on a personal computer.  At this point in our history, however, it may also be difficult to discuss them all since there are many things about computer use that we take for granted and–to younger users—have never had to do many things without a computer.  Computers have become a part of our lives.  They influence the way we communicate, work, play and spend our spare time.

In the past if we wished to communicate we had very few choices.  We would use the mail, telegrams and later landline telephones.  Today we can use the computer and its many functions and accessories to communicate.  We use things such as e-mail, Instant or Personal Messaging, and file transferring.  Our phones are also improved with the aid of a personal computer.

The personal computer has not only influence dour work but has created additional jobs.  People who do not have the interest or abilities to attend a four-year college can still make a good living by attending a technical school and learning a computer-related trade.  Others have found their jobs to be made easier with computers and computer programs improving their ability to contact customers and potential clients, create business correspondence, advertise and keep track of such things as payroll and other aspects of accounting.

why choose a pc over a mac?

Why choose a PC over a Mac?

Computers allow people who have minimal writing skills to not only put their thoughts “on paper” so to speak with word-processing programs but also with such things as an online dictionary, an online thesaurus and programs to check spelling and grammar.  Computers make it easy to edit one’s thoughts regardless of one’s writing abilities or lack of same.  In fact, computers even let us play and date without leaving our homes!  Computers make our lives easier in countless ways.

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