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Does the Xenith X-2 Helmet makes football safer?

Doe the Xenith  X-2 Helmet makes football games safer?

Xenith X-2 Helmet

Xenith X-2 Helmets

Xenith itself was created with the idea of lowering the risk of concussions by through both education and innovation.  Their Xenith Adaptive head Protection offers a way in which to lower the sudden, violent acceleration and deceleration of the brain and head after an impact that may cause a concussion.  The Xenith X-2 Helmet which currently sells for between $135.00 and $400.00 depending on the version (“Elite” or regular) and size (youth or adult).  Each helmet includes 18 individual shock-absorbing discs that slowly let out air in order to lower the force of an impact.  This also eliminates the use of more traditional foam inserts.

Traditional padding material is generally designed for high-energy impacts; they have been discovered to be a bit too dense and stiff to be suitable for low to medium impacts.  Traditional padding also cannot adapt to impact energy. This weakness in the padding can actually cause a player’s head to move suddenly upon impact and thereby increase the risk of any concussion.

Xenith X-2 Helmet

The Xenith X-2 Helmet

The system combines technologies that were all designed to reduce any sudden movement of the head.  This is accomplished by adapting to the different energy levels.  The Xenith X-2 Helmet system is said to provide optimal performance when the player needs it the most.  Furthermore, The X2’s special Fit Seeker® technology adapts to the player’s head thus creating an instant custom fit without any pumps and insures that the helmet remains secure during impact.

The X2 has chin straps that are connected to the Fit Seeker cable which is actually woven into the flexible Shock Bonnet in the helmet.  The company believes that the X2 provides has the ability to minimize the likelihood of a concussion.

(Images courtesy of X2 Dealer and Xenith)

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