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Waiting In Line For Weed, Colorado Residents Rushing To Buy Pot

Some Colorado residents have been looking forward to 2014, because they knew that marijuana was going to become legal for commercial sale in their state. While other states have decriminalized or legalized marijuana for medical use, Colorado jumped ahead of the trend and fully legalized the substance for recreational use. This state law is contradictory to federal laws regarding the drug, but Colorado is betting that other states will eventually follow suit.

Waiting In Line For Weed, Colorado Residents Rushing To Buy Pot

Colorado Residents Line Up For PotThe lines are long and the prices may be almost as high as some of the customers, but the turnout to buy legal marijuana has been huge. As expected, people are turning out by the thousands to buy their pot from legalized retailers. People are rushing out to get their hands on this drug from legitimate sources for once in their lives. Lines at some locations are stretching for blocks and wrapping around buildings. You might think that there was a new iPhone on sale or something with the kind of turnout people have been giving for the kush.

Now that marijuana can be legally purchased over the counter at licensed retailers in Colorado, some of the illegal distribution and sales that had accompanied the outlawed drug market are intended to disappear. Drug dealers will still be selling various drugs that are illegal, but the legalized and convenient sale of marijuana may make the hassle and expense of selling it illegally disappear,

In addition to being able to buy the drug, people in Colorado are allowed to grow some of the plants for themselves too. This task is not easily done by most recreational users, despite being perfectly legal. You could equate the easy of growing your own weed to that of raising your own chickens in the backyard just because you enjoy scrambled eggs in the morning.

Now that marijuana is legalized and available for sale, Colorado stands to gain some revenue from both sales taxes and licensing costs related to the trade. Additionally, the states law enforcement and detention programs will not need to be so heavily burdoned by the prosecutiona and incarceration of individuals possessing this once illegal substance.

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Waiting In Line For Weed, Colorado Residents Rushing To Buy Pot.

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