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Gary Lee Bullock Arrested For Killing California Priest In Church

In Eureka California, a beloved Catholic Priest was discovered dead on New Year’s Day after he failed to show up to New Year’s Mass. His body was discovered in the church rectory after police began searching for the missing priest. Police immediately notified the public about the priest’s murder, and that they were looking for a motive and a suspect. Since then police have arrested a suspect, Gary Lee Bullock, in connection with this murder.

Gary Lee Bullock Arrested For Killing California Priest In Church

Eric Freed Catholic PriestEric Freed, the Catholic Priest, had been in the Eureka community for many years and had a close following with his fellow followers. When he failed to appear to his anticipated New Year’s Mass, people immediately became concerned for his well-being. The church goers had looked forward to hearing Freed’s plan for the churches 2014 goals and events.

Bullock, after being apprehended, matched the description of a disruptive person who had been asked to leave the churches property the evening before Freed’s body was discovered. On New Year’s Eve Bullock had also had some run-ins with police in Humboldt County for disorderly conduct and erratic behavior. Authorities have not announced a motive behind the killing, or whether Bullock has provided a confession.

At this time Gary Lee Bullock is still just being considered a suspect, while the police are still looking to put all of the events together that lead up to the deadly altercation which took place inside the church. Authorities believe that the act was committed by one person as a single incident and do not expect there to be any additional homicides linked to this case.

Some people in the community are wondering if the murderer was driven by a personal grievance with the priest, whether this was a random assault, or whether there may have been a robbery gone horribly wrong in this case.

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Gary Lee Bullock Arrested For Killing California Priest In Church.

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