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Orlando International Airport Flights Canceled Due to Northeast Storm

Many passengers are stranded today because Orlando International Airport flights have been canceled due to snowstorms in the Northeast. The most frustrating part of this whole ordeal for most is probably not knowing when or if their flights will get off the ground.

orlando international airport flights canceled

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“We just want to know how long we’re going to be stuck here and whether we should leave the airport,” said Senga Macneill, who is waiting with a large group of family including her three grown sons, two daughters-in-law and two preschool aged grandchildren.

By mid-afternoon on Friday, 63 flights to or from the airport had been canceled, and another 155 were listed as delayed by at least 30 minutes, including an eight-hour delay posted on a flight to Houston per Orlando Sentinel. The information was updated continuously as airlines coped with airport closures in the New York-Boston corridor hurried to rearrange their schedules involving thousands of affected flights nationally.

Orlando International Airport flights that were taking off internationally were packed including the main food court and all seating areas. Many hovered around the seating areas, in hopes that one would become vacant so they could sit for an unknown period of time. Entertainment vendors are seeing a spike in sales of rented movies, but the airport’s video arcade, King Kong Arcade, was closed.

The Macneills and Kennedys found a group of seats together. While they found seats, they were not able to find a clear answer as to whether they will be able to get to Newark International Airport in New Jersey in time to catch their connecting flight to Glasgow, Scotland.

“Nobody will tell you what is going on or where you should go,” said Stewart Macneill, the only one in his group who is not headed back to Scotland. He is a resident of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and his flight to Buffalo, New York was listed as delayed.

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