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Top 10 Tattoo Fails of 2014 and Beyond #8

Pen Ear Tattoo – #8

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Guy Has Realistic Pen Tattoo on His Head Near His Ear

Guy Has Realistic Pen Tattoo on His Head Near His Ear

Hey, can I borrow a pen? No you can’t because it’s just a crazy tattoo. As realistic as that pen looks, it is nothing more than an illusion. While the tattoo itself is done very well, you have to ask yourself: Who would want a pen on the side of their head? Perhaps this was this guy’s favorite brand of pen, or maybe he is always misplacing his pen.

Why someone would get a tattoo of such a cheap pen is beyond comprehension. There is some humor in the art, which does give it a purpose of sorts. Judging by the guy’s other visible tattoos on his neck, something makes you wonder if this will be the last tattoo he will get on his head…..it’s likely not. And let’s not forget the massively gauged ears that this guy also has. Body modification seems to this guy’s main source of entertainment and expression.

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  • King_Putz

    And this is an idiot.

  • Otis

    Well I like it better than the one on the neck.

  • EvoL

    So I see 3D tattoos are the new thing now……

  • Saros7

    I love that pen brand! Good choice! Glad he didn’t go with BiG pens…
    Zebra pens are great! Hmm,hmm.

  • Padraigin

    The Live, unfortunately, amongst us. Sad beyond stupid.

  • evanxg852000

    if you said this guy is idot ! no . If you ever worked with a carpenter, you would have noticed that they usualy put their pencil or pen at this place so they can access it every time they need. don’t know if it’s common now in europe and america. but this is very frequent in africa. Why don’t they use their pocket ? really I can’t tell

    • 1danielp1

      because when you lean forward you’ll drop your pen from the shirt pocket lol

  • Athena606

    Excellent art; great drop-shadows…creates suspension of disbelief.

  • Ansley Park

    Tattoos are not “cool”. They’re trashy. Always have been and always will be.

    • Mmmsome

      Thanks for the insult.

    • windows r so hard

      I think you’re trashy.

      • Ansley Park

        You hurt my feelings, boo hoo, .. You must have one crappy tatty to take this so personally.

  • Donna Bohdanyk

    Cheap pen!? Zebra pens are one of the BEST, “cheap” pens out there! They’re even use in shows like House, The Mentalist, and CSI!!! I instantly recognize them and have met a number of people who use them. Those who take my pen for a test always comment on how fluidly they write. If they were so “cheap”, why in the heck could you find their refills in store pen sections!?

  • Donna Bohdanyk

    *By the way, this tattoo is older than 2014.

  • windows r so hard

    Not sure why this listed as a fail.

  • disqus_gdTvbLpcEw

    “it is just an illusion” haha and what about the other 99.9998 % of what people publish and read about, are fed, believe and go on about day to day?? all illusion. at least the artist in this tattoo has talent..