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Top 10 Tattoo Fails of 2014 and Beyond #9

Scary Face Arm Tattoo # 9

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This Might Just Be One of the Scariest Tattoos on an Arm - photo from Devian Art

This Might Just Be One of the Scariest Tattoos on an Arm – photo from Devian Art

This scary tattoo will definitely stop traffic in its wake. While the point of a tattoo may be to bring attention and show off some creative artwork on one’s body, this tattoo takes it to a whole other level when all you can see is a scary and angry looking old man staring at you. Some people choose to get beautiful tattoos to highlight enjoyable moments in their lives, while other people inexplicably get tattoos of death and other morbid effigies.

This may be one tattoo that is hard to cover up later with other ink work, as this one is quite large. Most people would call this size of a tattoo a “half-sleeve”, but it’s looking more like a full face, and an ugly one at that. At least this guy had the sense to get this tattoo in a place that can be covered by regular clothing, unlike some other geniuses on our list.

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    Show the world how stupid you are, get a tattoo!

    • kreiyu

      no, a better way to show stupidity is to join a religion. or get the tattoo on your face. that’s just stupid.

  • Otis

    This one don’t do anything for me.

  • EvoL

    That looks exactly like my grandpa’s face when I accidentally walked in on him trying to take a shit….

  • invidinvasion

    Yeah I never got a tattoo. Seems like everyone just has to do it. That’s when I say no thank you. Always wanted one right on my ass cheeks that says, EXIT ONLY! But then again no one would ever see it!

    • kreiyu

      no one? ever? you see a future with no naked time with someone? how sad. and the point of getting a tattoo isn’t always to show the world you got it. some can be for just you and who ever you are with to enjoy.

  • Mika-ireides

    How the hell is it anyones buisness what people do with their bodies

  • Ansley Park

    Tattoos are trashy. Always have been and always will be.

  • kreiyu

    Hey Sarah Rasheed…your opinion on tattoos is irrelevant. it sounds
    like if it’s not a pretty flower you think it’s ugly and stupid.