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Little In Girl In Hawaii Dies After Dental Procedure

Three year old, Finley Boyle, dies after a dental procedure in Hawaii. The girls parents are suing the dentist for careless procedures and not using the proper sedatives. Finely suffered massive brain damage after a dental procedure done in December.

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The family is suing Dr. Lily Geyer and her dental practice for mixing and using the improper sedatives for the dental procedure. The allegations of the lawsuit are that Dr. Geyer administered the wrong medication without knowing how it would affect the little girl’s body. During the dental procedure young Finley suffered cardiac arrest and Dr. Geyer did not have any plans in place to deal with with medical emergencies that might occur during the procedure. Fortunately, there was a pediatrician down the hall in the building that was able to perform CPR on the little girl. 

“Little In Girl In Hawaii Dies After Dental Procedure”

Finley’s mother had originally taken the little girl in and told that she needed to have several root canals and fillings taken care of. According to allegations of the lawsuit, young Finely was left under sedation and left alone for 25 minutes, while being treated for the root canals. Finely was taken to the hospital when she went into cardiac arrest and was placed on life support because she was unresponsive after she had been given the sedatives for the dental procedure. Doctors at the hospital later informed the little girl’s parents that she had suffered massive brain damage and was in a vegetative state. Later in December Finley’s parents made the difficult decision of taking her off  life support and she passed away.

Neither Dr. Geyer or her Hawaii based lawyer, John Nishimoto have commented to the press or public. Her dental practice in Hawaii has recently closed and is only available for contact via email.

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  • Woodwind

    Root canals on a 3 year old? That seems extreme for baby teeth that are going to fall out anyway.

  • Pmills

    So sorry to hear of a tragedy affecting a child. My heart goes out to the parents and family.

  • Brad

    No legal battle to keep the kid on a machine?