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Rap Genius Comes Back To Google Searches

The website known as Rap Genius was taken out of Google’s search index earlier due to blatantly violating their rules. It seems that the webmasters of Rap Genius were running a super-shady back linking program, that they called an affiliate program. They were willing to market this program so well that it caught the attention of Google for all the wrong reasons. Google yanked the plug on the site’s search rankings, effectively making their site invisible to anyone who didn’t already know the URL.

Rap Genius Comes Back To Google Searches

Rap Genius Back On GoogleIn order to get back into the good graces of Google, the webmasters at Rap Genius had to do a lot of work to eliminate most of the spam links that were pointing back to their sites. This required them to contact hundreds of webmasters, and bloggers to ask for inbound links to be removed. It took a long time, and many had forgotten about the site while it was essentially missing.

All of this started when Rap Genius started running what they called an Affiliate Marketing Program. They were asking for other websites to trade back links to their page in exchange for promotional Tweets and other social media sharing. The program was mutually beneficial for both parties at first, but that was until it got flagged as a Search Engine Optimization scam. This is not the method of back linking that Google intends to give credibility to, and in turn reward with higher search ranking.

Now that Rap Genius is back above the radar, let’s hope they can keep their future marketing legit. The certainly have gained a few back links by making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. As some people say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. I am sure they didn’t have Google in mind when they created that saying.

Rap Genius is a website that dissects the meaning of lyrics from rap songs and makes them much easier for common people to understand. You can visit their site and type in an artist, song, or lyric and it will help find you information relative to that key word. Once you are viewing song lyrics you can click on any part of the song and information relevant to that phrase or line of lyrics will pop up to keep you informed.

Rap Genius Comes Back To Google Searches.

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