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Georgia Family Still Fighting For Answers In Son’s Death

In Valdosta Georgia the Johnsons remain vigilant that something foul happened to their 17 year old son last year. Kendrick Johnson, then 17, was found dead at his high school and his body was rolled up in a large gym mat. Authorities originally ruled it as an accidental death, but his family believes that someone murdered their son and is getting away with it. Each day the Johnsons head down to the street corner by the court house and protest their son’s case. They do not think that the case should remain closed until further investigation is done.

Georgia Family Still Fighting For Answers In Son’s Death

Kendrick Johnsons FamilyIt’s not as if a teenager rolls themselves up in a gym mat and dies, the task would be nearly impossible to do alone. That is the main reason that the Johnsons believe that someone else killed their son. They believe that either someone had killed their son and then rolled him in the gym mat to hide the body, or that someone rolled him up while he was alive and killed him that way. The police determined that the young teenager fell into the gym mat by accident after reaching for a shoe, and suffered a grizzly fate thereafter.

The family of Kendrick Johnson firmly believe that someone is responsible for the murder of their beloved son, and they demand that police re-open the case. They claim support for their beliefs based on crime scene photographs and post-mortem exam photos that show wounds typical of blunt force trauma. This evidence would suggest that perhaps Kendrick was beaten to death, and that someone is trying to cover it up.

Locals in the community show support from time to time to the Johnsons, and rally to help get the case re-opened. Some feel that the cold-hearted nature in which this case was opened and closed shows how cops feel about cases involving dead black people in the South. For years, many claim that cases involving the death of black people have not gotten a fair amount of attention from authorities and that may be the reason for their lack of desire to further investigate this issue.

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Georgia Family Still Fighting For Answers In Son’s Death.

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