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How do I jailbreak my iPhone?

How do I jailbreak my iPhone you ask?

What does “jailbreaking” even really mean?

How do I jailbreak my iPhone

How do I jailbreak my iPhone?

Let’s be real.  Some of us have literally lived for decades without a PC or a cellphone.  For those not quite so technologically hip, when you “jailbreak” your iPhone you are removing the limits placed upon it by Apple and AT & T.  Jailbreaking your phone allows you to customize the look of your iPhone, gain access to “third-party” applications and unlock it so that it is available to other carriers.  What not everyone in favor of this process will tell you is that once you jailbreak your phone you void your warranty.  Nevertheless, if you’re going to do it this is one way:

First go to a website like blackra1n.com.  There you need to choose either the Apple icon or the Windows icon.  Make a new folder on your computer desktop for the jailbreak download. 

Run the download you got from the website.  Next you connect your phone to the computer.  Launch iTunes.

Click on “make it ra1n”.  Your iPhone –from here on referred to as phone–should now be in recovery mode.  You should see a GeoHot graphic. 

The Blackra1n program should now run on your phone.  Once it is finished your phone should reboot.  If you have successfully “jailbroken”your phone you will see pop-up that will solicit a donation.

It is not mandatory to make a donation.  When your phone next reboots you should see a Blackra1n icon on the springboard.  Now double-check your internet connection.  Launch BlackRa1n. 

How do I jailbreak my iPhone

How do I jailbreak my iPhone?

Select the applications you would like on your phone and click on the Install button.  (For example, some sites suggest installing the app called Cydia.)  Next, uninstall the BlackRa1n application by starting it and then choosing “uninstall balckra1n.  Finally, reboot your iPhone and it is now free of the above-mentioned restrictions.  Your iPhone is now jailbroken.

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