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Yahoo’s Ad Servers Infect 100’s Of Thousands With Malware

Yahoo is one of the most heavily visited sites on the Internet, and as a result we assume that it is one of the most secure. Being such a high profile target, Yahoo is also the subject of many hacker’s desires. Yahoo recently discovered that their advertising servers were infected with malware that may have reached a few hundred thousand computer users. This malware was injected by someone who was looking to gain something from their endeavors. It is not yet clear what exactly this malware does to the infected user’s device.

Yahoo’s Ad Servers Infect 100’s Of Thousands With Malware

Yahoo Ads Infect Users With MalwareThe malware seems that it may have only infected certain people who clicked on advertisements that Yahoo was distributing over the past few days. Current estimates predict that the malware may have been inserted into Yahoo’s ad servers on or around December 30th.

Malware is a nickname given to malicious software that is used for either gaining access to an infected user’s device (computer), or for gathering information from that person’s device. Sometimes malware can be used for harvesting credit card information, passwords, and other secure information too. Yahoo has not yet announced the scope of what they believe the malware was doing, but they have been fairly confident that they have stopped it since it was discovered.

If you have been regularly clicking on advertisements online over the past few days, it may be beneficial to run some malware and virus scans on your computer. Malware does not always appear to effect the computer like viruses can, and can often sit on a computer undetected unless it is spotted with a malware scanner. There are plenty of free malware scanners out there on the Internet, but if you are unsure of which ones are reputable, then stick with a well known name brand even if it costs some money.

Yahoo’s Ad Servers Infect 100’s Of Thousands With Malware.

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