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Mainer Timothy Davison Killed In Road Rage Shooting, FBI Helps In Search

Mainer Timothy Davison shot in road rage incident, shooter still at large

  • Pennsylvania State Police and FBI are searching for a man driving a small, dark pickup truck

  • Anyone with information on the road rage incident that led to the killing is urged to call The Pennsylvania State Police

Timothy Davison Road Rage Victim

Timothy Davison gunned down in road rage shooting
Image by Theresa Allocca

Timothy Davison from Maine was shot and killed on Sunday in what Pennsylvania State Police confirms was a random act of road rage.  “I think we can call it a road rage incident.  At this point we haven’t found anything that would connect the two men,” states Trooper Rob Hicks.

Timothy Davison made several 911 calls and stated in one that he was being chased and shot at by someone in a small pickup truck.  According to The Associated Press, Timothy Davison reported that the entire event began during an incident such as sudden braking by one driver, or one cutting the other off.

The road rage killing occurred when Timothy Davison’s 2001 Mitsubishi Montero was rammed and pushed into the median where it became stuck in the snow.  Trooper Rob Hicks stated that the shooter got out of his vehicle, approached Timothy Davison’s SUV and fired multiple shots into the vehicle.

Timothy Davison died shortly thereafter in York Hospital.

Trooper Rob Hicks did not give information on what was said in the multiple 911 calls that Timothy Davison made.  “We don’t want to get into those types of details yet,” he stated.

Although a traffic camera captured part of the road rage incident, “You really can’t make out much other than headlights,” stated Hicks.

Police and the FBI are searching for a small, dark pickup truck, possibly a Ford Ranger.  They are also looking for any connection between the road rage killing and another shooting that occurred 30 miles from the Antrim Township where this incident occurred.

Timothy Davison, from Poland, was driving back from Orlando, Florida from a visit with his sister over the holidays.  According to his father, Timothy took Interstate 81, where the road rage incident occurred, to avoid traffic on Interstate 95.

Anyone with information about the incident or the suspect should contact Pennsylvania State Police at (717) 264-5161.

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