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Jihad Jane Faces Life Prison For Helping Terrorists


Pennsylvania woman, Coleen LaRose, calls herself “Jihad Jane” and she could be spend life in prison for helping suspected terrorists overseas. LaRose will go before a judge Philadelphia judge Monday to determine just how long her prison sentence will be.

Jihad Jane

Photo Courtesy: Associated Press

“Jihad Jane” was part of an plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist that offended Muslims. LaRose openly admits her part in this deadly plot. In numerous videos posted on YouTube she refers to herself as “Jihad Jane.” In 2009 she returned from Ireland and turned herself into the FBI and has been awaiting trial till now. The federal judge could sentence her to life in prison, although prosecutors are asking for decades.

“Jihad Jane Faces Life Prison For Helping Terrorists”

Also awaiting trial are Jamie Paulin-Ramirez of Colorado and Maryland teen Mohammad Hassan Khalid. Federal prosecutors are seeking long prison sentences for all three of these individuals. The 50-year-old woman will most likely spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Khalid was arrested for his part in terrorist plot before he turned 18 and has been held in federal custody until now. It’s very uncommon for federal authorities to hold a juvenile under those circumstances.

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