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Roku Set To Release 6 TVs in 2014

The popular streaming video device known as Roku is planning to release 6 TV sets over the course of 2014 that feature their devices built into them. Currently you can go down to a major electronics retailer, or even Walmart, and pick up a Roku for cheap. The current devices plug into your TV set much like a DVD or BluRay player, and it allows your TV to play content downloaded or streamed from the Internet. Popular features on the Roku are Netflix, HuluPlus, and more.

Roku Set To Release 6 TVs in 2014

6 Roku TVs in 2014So many people are either enjoying high end TVs that feature “smart tv” technology, which already allows them to stream video from outside sources, while there are others looking for a cheap way to upgrade the TV they have. If you aren’t looking for a new TV and just want to add some nifty features to it, then chances are that you are looking for something like a Roku or Google Chromecast already.

Currently Roku is partnering up with Television manufacturer Hisense, and another manufacturer called TCL, but there will be more manufacturers to come in the future. For the time being Roku will most likely be partnering with Television manufacturers that do not currently have their own proprietary Smart TV technology. Devices like some Samsung and other top-end devices may already have similar Smart TV functionality.

As it stands, Roku is looking for the upcoming TVs to function much like the user interface that their customers experience with their plug-in devices. After booting up the TV a user will be prompted to basically choose their source for entertainment, whether that be cable programming, HuluPlus, Netflix, YouTube or more.

Pricing and exact specifications for the 2014 TVs have not yet been announced, but as more details become available in the near future, Roku is hoping to share that information with the public. Expected pricing for the new TVs is not expected to by much higher than the current pricing of TVs made by the same manufacturers. By having the Roku technology built-in, these manufacturers stand a chance at gaining a footing in the mainstream HDTV market rather than just the low end.

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Roku Set To Release 6 TVs in 2014.

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