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Top 10 Tattoo Fails 2014 and Beyond #1

No Regrets Tattoo – #1

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No Regrets? Might Want to Reconsider That Philosophy - photo from Imgur

No Regrets? Might Want to Reconsider That Philosophy – photo from Imgur

Regretting nothing might end up with you getting a tattoo that you will regret. Taking the top spot on the list is the “I Regret Nothing,” tattoo that features a cat with its tongue sticking out. Do you really regret nothing?

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  • yankee2

    Hardly the scariest tattoo here…

  • Mairead

    It’s actually (most of) a song title, tho the original is in French: Non, je ne regrette rien, made famous by the late Edith Piaf, who dedicated the song to the Foreign Legion’s 1st Para when they were disbanded after backing a short-lived right-wing coup attempt against de Gaulle at the end of the Algerian war of independence.

  • ToastyFlake

    Not very much effort went into this list. There are much worse than these 10.

    • Ansley Park

      Right you are, this was just click bait … and it worked. lol

      • windows r so hard

        Your comments are trashy. Always have been and always will be.

        • Ansley Park

          Oh, so it’s the kicked that dog that barks… You must have one crappy tatty.

  • R K

    That’s not just “a cat.” That’s Lil Bub!

  • crazymonkeylady

    I would get this one! Lil’ Bub is adorable. Well done tattoo and its just right!!!

  • Michael

    I liked #1

  • bronxflash

    what fool came up with this list? i mean seriously, they have a problem with that really well done spider tattoo? wtf? and the guy in the suit is a king in new zealand those are traditional facial tattoos. he has a radio show and an acting career as well, he is quite accomplished. this is a prime example of how stupid people get an equal say on the internet.

  • invidinvasion

    The rash comes from lack of a litter box. A little ammonia seeping into the skin! lol

  • Daniel Norman

    As has already been said, some of these aren’t even that bad. Failure of a list is a failure.

  • Interdico Scriptor


    • sbkw1983

      Not even one letter?

  • Kris

    This is one of the stupidest posts I have ever seen. Three of these tattoos are beautifully done and just because whoever wrote this post doesn’t like the style doesn’t make it a bad tattoo. That cat is very well done. And the “scary face” is probably the nicest tattoo on this post

  • spaceboundmm

    Tramp stamps are already ugly but putting them on visible areas of the body makes them even more so. Laser surgery doesn’t completely erase tattoos, if you change your mind. There are professions which frown on tattoos. It’s a fashion trend that comes with regret. My kid is smart not to get inked, but piercings are removable when necessary.

    What’s cooler than tattoos is foresight.

  • CarlPheneger

    Some people are abused or bullied so much as children,
    that when they grow up and are out from under it,
    they miss it and paint a Kick me sign on their selves.