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Top 10 Tattoo Fails 2014 and Beyond #2

Beach Babe Bikini Tattoo – #2

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Yikes! Hopefully This Is Just a Really Bad Job From the Tattoo Artist and Not a Realistic Depiction of a Person - photo from Reddit

Yikes! Hopefully This Is Just a Really Bad Job From the Tattoo Artist and Not a Realistic Depiction of a Person – photo from Reddit

Not sure what provoked this man to get this tattoo, but the result is pretty terrifying. Instead of this tattoo depicting a beach blond babe, it shows off a seemingly scary woman in a yellow bikini who has bad teeth, saggy boobs, and 80’s hair. And did you happen to notice that she is wearing a ring on every finger? I bet you didn’t.

This tattoo might have looked good back when it was originally done, and perhaps it has just aged realistically along with the woman that it depicts. She went from a blonde haired babe in a bikini to looking like a middle aged housewife with dirty roots, missing teeth, and more wedding rings than Michael Jordan and Joe Montana have championship rings. And is that a mole on his arm, or a deformed Playboy bunny tattoo on his tattoo’s belly? I am so confused right now.

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  • queenbee9

    Tats only fail if the canvas (the person with the tattoo) does not support it. The only “fails” would be the girl with the truck flap girls on her hip bones–it probably got her sexual orientation questioned a lot==if she did not like it then it was a fail. I’d say most of others are EPIC WINNERS especially the ones that got the people not only noticed (if that was their intention) but recorded for the world to see on the internet. There is no such thing as bad publicity and FYI the guy in the business suit looks to be an Islander and his tats look to be tribal which would mean not only is the author IGNORANT of Maori or other traditional tats but has engaged unwittingly in ethnocentrism if not down right racism.
    Irony is copying the tradition of other cultures then holding them to the social mores of your own culture when you see them doing what we copied.
    As for spider tats–to each his own. Maybe the author has arachnophobia–tats are personal and though outsiders may enjoy them or dislike them–they really were never done by many for public consumption. I don’t see “failures” I see art. Some good that I like, all that I can respect and NO–I don’t have any tattoos.

  • ursocalledgod


  • invidinvasion

    It’s a tattoo of Kelly Osborne! After the diet!

  • Athena606

    Yeah–Just because you can pick up a tattoo gun and use it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    That tat reminds me of the old hag ghost woman who attacks Jack Torrance in the bathroom scene of “The Shining”.